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Why we describe our hosting as handcrafted?

Support dotted around the country

With support a high priority of how Ezee operates, we have a dedicated support team that are dotted around the UK and are available to assist at any given time. Our usual response time us under 30 minutes.

making sure you are on the right service!

We find many customers are not sure about what they need and at Ezee one of our main reasons for success is our ability to give advice. If you only need a £15 a year package we would not advise you to purchase a £60 a year package. To Ezee this is just simple manners.

Success is the only option

Ezee has been run in a way that requires all of our staff to be passionate about the business and what we do. Our staff understand the success of Ezee means the possibility of doors opening for them and this creates a great mental attitude towards our customers.

A constant balance

When it comes to integrity, we are the masters. As stated above we are honest, we believe in a business having that personal relationship with customers. This allows our customers to trust in what we are doing and our approach to situations.

You have to laugh.

When you chat with us you can tell straight away we are down to earth and here to help in a non master like way. In our support tickets we may crack a joke or greet you with a simple :). These small things make a hell of a difference when it comes to support.

Our Hosting Simplified

For us, hosting your website is a service we love to deliver. Hosting our customers websites and domains has kept us in this industry for more than 18 years. Our philosophy is that with the right support services and product services Ezee will be around for years to come. We have customers who have been part of our services since the day Ezee Internet was born.

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What people say about our domains

David Cowell
I have registered domains with Ezee for over 10 years and have 60 active domains. I have never had an issue and as the team at Ezee have grown over the years, it has not impacted the support I receive in the slightest.
Adrian Haldane
I moved my entire business over to Ezee including the transfer of all of my domains. The transfer took literally minutes with no interruption to service. No complaints from me.