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Why register your domain names with us?

Competitive Pricing

Prices for both domain registration and renewal are some of the lowest around. From £3 for a .UK domain and .COM from £7 with multi year discounts.

Accessible Email

Your domain includes free IMAP mailboxes. Easily set up this allows you to access your email from any device, helping you work from wherever you have internet access.

No Traps

Not that it happens often but if you choose to move your domain to another provider we do not trap you with admin charges or make it difficult for you.


We started this business in the UK over 20 years ago. With accreditation from both ICANN and Nominet along with our UK based support team we now support over 2000 domains.

Immediate Registration

Here at ezee your domain is available for you to work on almost immediately. As accredited Nominet members, when you register a domain with us it is available to you at that time, allowing you to start work on your website as soon as possible.

Easy To Control

The ezee control panel is designed to make managing your domain as easy as possible. Nameservers, DNS records and more all at your fingertips.

Our most popular domains

.uk only £3.00/yr
.org only £12.95/yr only £3.00/yr
.eu only £7.25/yr
.info only £7.25/yr
.com only £10.95/yr
.net only £12.95/yr only £3.00/yr only £3.00/yr
.co only £7.25/yr
.biz only £12.95/yr
.mobi only £10.95/yr

The above costs represent newly registered domains only.

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Main domain features

  • We are adding new domain extensions on nearly a daily basis, as they released we are quick to make them available for registration.
  • Privacy is important for your domains and thats why we offer domain privacy on all available domains from only £10 a year.
  • We want all .UK domains to be under our umbrella and thats why we don't charge a penny to transfer them in. You can also transfer .COM domains to us for £10.95.

Frequently asked questions
about our domains

You can register a domain in seconds with Ezee. Simply go to the top of this page and type in the required domain name, if it is available add it to your cart and answer a few simple questions. Within seconds your domain name will be registered and ready to use online. You will need a hosting package to get your domain working but we can help with that also.
Our domain names are priced very competitively. We sit in the middle  market and concentrate on value for money and also provide a quality service. Domains can be registered from as little as £3 a year for a .UK domain or £14.99 for a .COM domain.
Once you have been through the checkout process your information is automatically sent over to the relative domain registry and the domain is processed in seconds. You will be able to manage your domain instantly from our client area.
We give plenty of reminders starting at 90 days before your domain is due for renewal. If your domain does expire you will have a 30 day cooling off period before the domain enters back into the public domain to be registered by anyone.
The maximum we allow for domain registered is limited by the type of domain you want to register. If you are registering a .UK domain then this is 20 years. All other domains are capped at a 10 year registration period.
You can manage every aspect of your domain from our client area. The main features with domains are managing contacts, nameservers and dns records.
You can transfer your domain name away from Ezee if you have not used a special offer and you are within the first year of registration.
We welcome all domain transfers and have made it super easy to do so. If you are transferring a .UK domain you must change the domain tag at your current provider to EZEE. If you are transferring a .COM domain you must request an EPP code from your current prover and then make an order for a transfer.

If you still have questions don't hesitate to

What people say about our domains

David Cowell
I have registered domains with Ezee for over 10 years and have 60 active domains. I have never had an issue and as the team at Ezee have grown over the years, it has not impacted the support I receive in the slightest.
Adrian Haldane
I moved my entire business over to Ezee including the transfer of all of my domains. The transfer took literally minutes with no interruption to service. No complaints from me.

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