How do I get my Auth Code

Please note this only applies to international domains and not to domains ending in .uk

To do this log into your control panel at and click on "Login"  This will ask you for your login details.

After you have logged in please click on "My Domains",  you can find this on the menu strip near the top of the main area.

You will now see a list of your domains.  Click on the manage domain button the far right of the domain you want to manage. 

Follow these steps

1)  Ensure that the email address for the admin contact is valid and points to an email address that you can receive on.
Click on "Management Tools -> Contact Information"  Ensure that the details are accurate and that the email address is one that works.

2) Once the email address is valid click on "Management Tools -> Get EPP Code" Menu Item.  This will then be emailed to you at the admin contact email address

Domains that are expiring within the next 60 days cannot be transferred out and must be renewed with Ezee and then transferred out after. 



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